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"Dark and refreshingly unique, with characters that resonate and prose that conveys the truth effectively." —Fantasy Book Critic

"Rare writing—a blend of fantasy, wizardry, incorporating contemporary tough issues and resolving them well—indicates that here is an author worth reading and worth watching as she most decidedly will become a prominent voice in her chosen genre." —San Francisco Review of Books

"I was blown away.... A great novel with a lot of action and character development."—Booknest

"A masterpiece...with a mesmerizing setting and a fantastic plot.... Spellbinding." —Reader's Favorite

"One of the best books I've read in the genre.... Justice is a skilled master." —Underground Book Reviews

"I could not put this book down. A.M. Justice is a literary magician and I was wholly under her spell." —Echoes of a Firebird

"Unique and captivating. Good prose, dialogue, and characters with depth." —Grimmedian

Purchase a Signed Copy

(Shipping limited to US residents at this time.)


"In this gripping epic, Justice’s worldbuilding is extensive. ... The author fills the pages with striking passages. .... [A] riveting sequel.” — Kirkus Reviews

"Highly charged with emotion, magic, alien life forms, time travel, and the violence of warfare. A seamless blending of science fiction and fantasy." — Fantasy Faction

"An imaginative and truly epic fantasy in a rich and variegated world of magic, monsters, and science." — Fantasy Hive

"A a unique blend of fantasy and science, technology and magic, ... [it] opens with a bang and doesn’t stop its relentless forward motion until you read the last page." —Bookworm Blues

"The Woern Saga continues with spectacular twists and turns ... that lends significant depth to familiar characters and brings legends to life while managing to build the suspense through each unexpected turn of events." — Critiquing Chemist

"A vibrant and engaging read. A.M. Justice is a master of high stakes political intrigue." — Booknest

"A beautiful and heart wrenching journey." — Genre Minx


More Reviews of A Wizard's Forge

"I disappeared into its pages." —The Literary Connoisseur

"Incredibly captivating.... I haven’t read a book that made me this anxious and thrilled in a long time." —Book Needers


"A.M. Justice carved out a jewel from her work in A Wizard’s Forge." —Lake’s Book Review

"A gracefully-woven tale with a strong female protagonist.. The pace is brisk.... The plot is rarely predictable, taking many unexpected twists and turns. There is a darkness to the tone that I found very satisfying."—Our Epic Worlds

"This is a story in which the damsel in distress saves herself and then proceeds to save the prince, which is simply fantastic." —Paein and Ms4Tune

"Both the world and the characters are incredibly three-dimensional and well thought out.... Vic follows the traditional hero’s journey in this book, but the author takes it in some surprising directions." —J.L. Gribble

"This book was amazing! It had a little bit of everything that I crave in a fantasy novel. There was adventure, betrayal, romance, magic, and a strong female lead." —Real Talk 4 U

"Packed with adventure, love, and revenge...I am already impatient for the next novel in the series." —My Reading List


"Starting strong and with action right up until the end, A Wizard’s Forge is a twisted tale of revenge at the heart of a war." —Lost in a Daydream

"A unique and intriguing new literary world...filled with strong characters.... Readers will find themselves quickly drawn into the mystery surrounding this realm, which includes myths of space travel, magic, and strange creatures." —The Critiquing Chemist

"A.M Justice paints an incredible picture of a fantasy world that has its roots in science fiction." —Two Nerds Talking

"This story kept my interest engaged from beginning to the end, and the cliffhanger has me hanging on!" —The Genre Minx

"The plotting is tight, the characterizations amazing as they are built on a deep understanding of how the human mind works." —Lives and Loves of a Book Nerd

"This world is the most interesting I’ve ever read; a weird—in a good way—mix of fantasy and sci-fi." —There's This Book

"Staggering in its magnitude...with a lot of action." —Archeolibrarian

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