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I’m a Brooklyn-based author, lover of science and wit, sporadic scuba diver, and once and future tango dancer. My characters live only in my head, but they’re real, and I put them through hell.

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Behind-the-scenes information about A Wizard's Forge and The Woern Saga, book reviews, political opinions, and more! 

Where to Find Me

Fantasy Faction

Fantasy Faction is the leading fantasy blog and it's chock full of book and movie reviews, news, and articles about fantasy, speculative fiction, and related art forms. You can see my contributions here, and keep checking back each month for new ones!



Since 2019, I have been a judge on the Fantasy Faction team for the Self-published Fantasy Blog Off (SPFBO), an annual fantasy novel competition sponsored by author Mark Lawrence. Check out the run-down on SPFBO here, including the rules for entry.

Brick Moon

Brick Moon produces short fiction in eBook anthologies and high quality pod casts.

"A Perfectly Normal Abomination" is in the Frankenstein-inspired anthology Beyond Prometheus.

"Ghost Friend" appeared in It Came From the Comments Section, but you can also read it here.

"Cell Service" is in the anthology One Nation Divisible: Election 2020.

Am Writing Fantasy

I love talking about the "science" underlying the "magic" in A Wizard's Forge, and Jesper Schmidt and I had a great time on his Worldbuilding vlog, talking about the genre of science fantasy and how to fantasy worldbuild with science-based ideas.

Nerd Book Review

I chatted with Cameron Scaggs, host of the Nerd Book Review podcast, about my childhood spent on the move, and how that influenced the writing of A Wizard's Forge.

Virtual Fantasy Con

The Virtual Fantasy Con was a Facebook Event with over 100 different authors and fantasy publishers. Several authors, bloggers, and a podcaster joined me in my booth, and transcripts of our talks can be found on my blog. I also participated in panel discussions on SciFi and Fantasy, Grimdark Fantasy, and Mythology in Fantasy.

Write On!

Fantasy author Tom Fallwell asked me to chat with him on his podcast, Write on! We chatted about A Wizard's Forge, writing fantasy, women in fantasy, and other cool topics. Listen here.

Brain to Books Cyber Con

The Brain to Books Cyber Convention is the Internet's largest Book Expo! A Wizard's Forge was included in the following events:

Speculative Fiction Cantina

On March 3, C.C. Aune and I were guests on the Speculative Fiction Cantina Podcast with S. Evan Townsend. We had a great time discussing our books and thoughts on science fiction and fantasy! Click the picture to listen to the archived podcast.


A Wizard's Forge

Finalist, Science Fiction

2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

A Wizard's Forge

Honorable Mention, Fantasy

2017 Reader's Favorite Book Awards

"The Weight of Bliss"

First Place, Science Fiction/Fantasy

2016 Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards

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