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The Woern Saga

In Earth year 2153, the crew of a United Mineral Mining Vessel, Registry LSNDR2237, disembarked on a distant, uncharted planet, leaving their disabled spacecraft in orbit. Three thousand years later, Victoria of Ourtown studies the ship’s logs left by her ancestors and wonders what life is like in the lands beyond her remote village. The day raiders come, Vic begins a decades-long journey that will take her through slavery and war to an understanding of the value of life.


Scholar. Slave. Warrior. Wizard.


Victoria of Ourtown lived through a nightmare to become the ruthless soldier known as Vic the Blade. Once she wished to explore the world settled by her spacefaring ancestors; now she thinks only of revenge.

Prince Ashel’s carefree days are filled with music, revels, and dreams of a life with Vic. Those hopes die when the thrust of an assassin’s knife drives him to war.

The target of Vic’s and Ashel’s wrath is Lornk Korng, a tyrant whose schemes stretch across a continent and a lifetime.

A mysterious alien race holds the key to a legendary—and lethal—power. Whoever possesses this power will hold the world in their hands. Will they save it, or doom it?

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The Logs           Politics             Sand Cast


Conquering Fate Takes Sacrifice.

Victoria of Ourtown believes two things: that the bright, wandering star in the heavens is an abandoned spacecraft which brought her ancestors to this world and that destiny and the will of gods are nonsense. Vic used to scoff at stories of wizards too, until she acquired their powers. Once a warrior, now a secret wizard, she just wants to live an ordinary life and find a way to atone for the mistakes she’s made.

Ashel of Narath knows that the wandering star is the god who created humanity, but this difference of opinion doesn’t stop him from loving Vic. All that keeps them apart is a thousand miles and a tragic loss.

Lornk Korng needs Vic and Ashel to execute his plans for conquest. The fact both want him dead is but a trifling snag in his schemes. A bigger problem are the world’s indigenous aliens and an ancient enemy whose victory could wipe out humankind.

As plots and counterplots clash across time, Vic and Ashel must choose their allies carefully, or risk losing not only each other but everything they know.

Fantasy Anthologies


Honor is just a word.

Throughout fiction, there have always been heroes who have fallen from grace. Champions of honor, decency, and order who have become villains through some traumatic event or a deep personal flaw. Blackest Knights is a collection of 19 tales by some of independent fantasy's best authors that follow a collection of those heroes who fell to temptation. From tales of bloody-handed hypocrites to space pirates, you'll find some truly fascinating works within.

Edited by C. T. Phipps, this volume contains dark fantasy short fiction by myself, David Niall Wilson, C. T. Phipps, James Alderdice, M. L. Spencer, Paul Lavender, Ulff Lehman, Matthew Johnson, Matthew Davenport, Frank Martin, Allan Batchelder, Martin Owton, Richard Writhen, Jesse Teller and Michael Suttkus.

In "The Weight of Bliss," my contribution, a narcotics-addicted healer trudges through a city rife with corruption, looking to score enough bliss to finally escape a devastating loss. Set in Knownearth, this story features a cameo appearance by a young Lornk Korng (the villain in A Wizard's Forge). The story won First Place in Science Fiction and fantasy in the 2016 Writers Digest Popular Fiction Awards.



Dive into Mediocrity.

The realm of fantasy is filled with legends of dashing heroes and epic quests. But behind every hero stand hundreds of average denizens who just want to get on with their lives. These are their stories.

This anthology is filled with 15 brilliant and hilarious stories that follow the lives of everyday citizens who just want to do their jobs and live their lives.

Dive in to the mediocrity today and prepare to laugh until you can't breathe. 

Edited by Stefan Nardi, this volume contains comic fantasy short fiction by myself, Stefan Nardi, Jacob S. Nardi, Brandon Draga, A.Z. Anthony, William Tyler Davis, A.M. Steiner, Dominic Adler, Steven F. Carter, Harry Chilcott, Maark Abbot, Jeff Pryor, Damien Wilder, Michael McCoy, Justin Starling, and M J Christopher.

In "The Remains of the Spell," my contribution, it's Downton Abbey meets Game of Thrones. There's a royal mess in the sorceress's tower, and an accident left the new maid with but one hand to do her work. A crushed mouse might be the missing sorceress, and a brutal moneylender is coming for his due. In forty-five years of service, Mrs. Chambers has learned one thing overall: keep calm and carry on.

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